• Press Filter and Tower Filter cloth/belt
  • Horizontal Filter and Vacuum Filter  Cloth/ Belt
  • Diaphragm cloth/ bag
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  • Diaphragm cloth/ bag
    Diaphragm cloth/ bag
    BOLIAN’s various diaphragm bags are widely used in the electrolytic process of non- ferrous industry.
    BOLIAN is one of the worlds most professional diaphragm cloth manufacturers, with a total amount of 5 million square meters and 2,760,000 diaphragm bags, which makes BOLIAN the world’s biggest suppliers and service providers of diaphragm bags.

    We offer
    Your Benefit
    Series diaphragm bags produced with multiple patents technologies.
    Customized products made against special orders.
    Professional advice and guidance in the duration of application.
    Reducing manufacturing cost, use less resource
    Prolonging the service life of your products
    Application stable and controllable
    Increasing the ratio of top quality cathode plate
    Traceability due to ISO 9001 quality management system
    Electrolytic nickel, Electro-winning nickel

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